ADA / Handicap

  For elderly, aging, or disabled users, getting in and out of conventional tubs and showers is a struggle.


We can help you to regain the freedom to shower in comfort and security, whether you like to sit or stand.




        Accessible roll in or walk in shower stalls have a barrier free access, meaning the shower floor is at the same level as the bathroom floor, or has a slight rise and beveled threshold. Barrier free showers allow people in a wheelchair or shower chair to easily enter the handicapped shower, offering independence and comfort for adults and children with disabilities




        Perfect for those with limited mobility who wish to enjoy the freedom of living comfortably at home.

Walk in bathtubs are great for active seniors, elderly people, disabled people, or anyone looking for a safer and more comfortable bathing experience. You can enjoy the therapeutic benefits and luxury of a whirlpool tub, with the safety, accessibility and simplicity of a walk-in bath.




        Falls in the bathroom, especially the bathtub and shower areas, are a leading cause of injury. Accessorize your tub or shower surround with a safe wall-mounted shower seat. The seat can be folded up to save space when not in use and you can find them in a variety of options to suit your needs and style.

        Safety bars  are one of the most common and effective bathroom safety assistance devices. They can provide a great advantage for people who need a little help in getting up from the toilet, tub or shower. Safety bars are available in a variety of sizes, finishes and styles, so you have more choice than ever before.