Tile Alternatives

 Looking for an alternative to tile? We install shower pans, bath/shower walls and countertops in solid surface,  cultured marble, onyx, fiberglass and acrylic!

Solid Surface

Solid Surface is an extremely durable, sanitary, low maintenance alternative to tile.


It is impervious to chemicals and has high heat resistance. Stains and scratches can be buffed or sanded out. No laminate surface, or gel coating to wear away.


Available in a wide array of colors. Usually solid or speckled. Different options also available for seats and soap dishes.

Cultured Marble / Onyx

Cultured Marble and Onyx are available in many colors, usually in a swirled pattern.  It can be installed in large sheets so there is no grout to clean. Just a small seam in the corners. Very durable, easy to clean and very affordable.

Fiberglass / Acrylic

Seemless look. Stain and heat resistant.

Quick installation means less in labor costs. Comes in smooth and simulated tile designs.



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